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() Get to Know Me Meme: Favourite Characters → Kate Austen, Lost.

"What kind of a person do you think I am?"

"The kind of person who makes hard decisions when she has to. Like you did on the freighter. You told me to get to the helicopter, and you told me you’d get Jin, but you did what you had to do. And if you hadn’t, we probably all would have died instead of just my husband."

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9.08 Rock and a Hard Place



You a pilot? 

No, not yet. But I wanna be one, more than anything.

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It doesn’t cost a damn thing. 

Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

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this post is my dream come true


We all deserve to die…

DashCon 2014 - What Happened?



As someone with a vested interest in the Las Pegasus Unicon fiasco (and someone who has been working and planning conventions for 4 years now), I decided to do some research on DashCon for the exact same reasons - it appears to have been a complete and total disaster.

If anyone has ACTUAL PROOF that either confirms or debunks any of the following claims, please let me know.

Here’s what I’ve learned about DashCon so far:

  • con staff trying to push more expensive tickets onto people that apparently came with a Steam Powered Giraffe show ticket (which is apparently not happening) (VERIFIED BY: |)

  • vendor hall mostly empty for some undisclosed reason
  • Welcome To Night Vale ditched the con and cancelled their panel and performance when DashCon would not pay them. attendees sat in the room for an hour before they got an explanation (VERIFIED BY: ||||)

  • people paid RESERVE SEATS months in advance for the WTNV panel (VERIFIED BY: ||||)

  • Con staff insisting they had people in the thousands attending and present at the venue, when real numbers were closer to 500
  • Panels and events were not planned at all, with hotel mints being given out as prizes (VERIFIED BY: ||)

  • Games room had just a single TV in it and some tables

  • there was a BDSM panel and DashCon could get sued for allowing minors into it, along with other +18 panels where they did the same (VERIFIED BY: |)

  • some people started to sing Let It Go and were verbally assulted

  • DashCon now blaming the bank for not being able to pay WTNV

  • people are demanding partial or full refunds (and they will not likely see any of it due to the con not actually having any money)

  • it has already spread around that DashCon was likely a scam

  • last night they ran an emergency #SaveDashCon thing and raised like 17,000 bucks

  • nobody knows where it went

  • most of their contracts were verbal only

  • rumors of the venue now threatening to shut the whole thing down

As someone who witnessed first-hand as Las Pegasus Unicon went down (I tracked the whole thing over the course of about 4 months until the dust began to settle), I’m genuinely interested to see how this plays out. You’ve got a whole con full of bored and annoyed Tumblr-goers who will either a) just plain not show up tomorrow, or b) show up and be very angry.

However it plays out, let this be a lesson and a wake-up call to ANYONE who EVER thought it was a good idea to let TUMBLR run a serious event. I know you all love eachother ect. ect. Tumblr fandom community, but good intentions do not make a con - and you’ve proven yourselves not responsible enough to run a con.

DashCon needs to die here. It will not be coming back. Enough damage has been done.

UPDATE: I’ve had quite a few people come forward anonymously to verify some of the claims, so I have updated as such.


Jensen Ackles Aphabet:

   Y ouTube

Fan: “You’ve been on YouTube a lot…”

Jensen: “That’s your fault!”   (x)


Fear Her + Personal Space (3/3)
— A study in how two people can be as intimate as possible without doing something indecent.

"Okay… how are we in heaven?”
"Okay… how are we in heaven?”